African American Firsts

President Barack ObamaThe election of Barack Obama to the presidency of the United States is arguably the most historic “first” in African American history in memory—some might say, ever. Indeed, some people view it as among the most historic events in the nation’s history. Even before his election, Obama had made history as the first African American candidate to win the nomination of a major political party. And with his inauguration, Michelle Obama is now the first African American First Lady, and the Obamas are the first African American “First Family.” Other of Obama’s “historic firsts” range from the inspiring—first inaugural speech by an African American president; to the lofty—first African American president to fly in Air Force One; to the possibly groundbreaking—first presidential blog . . . by anyone! One political cartoonist depicted a TV news crew making their telecast from the White House lawn, with the “breaking news” that Barack Obama had become the first African American president to brush his teeth in the White House, while Obama stands by appealing, “Please, folks, can we give it a rest?” Such excessive enthusiasm will surely fade, but one thing is certain: America’s new president, whose inauguration was attended by more people than have ever packed the National Mall for any event ever, already has his place in history.

Barack Obama’s campaign promised change, and among the changes brought in by the new Obama administration are these African American firsts: Eric Holder has been nominated and confirmed as the first African American attorney general, the nation’s top law-enforcement officer and head of the Justice Department. Susan Rice, U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, is the first black woman to hold that post. And outside the Obama administration, and perhaps in response to his electoral success, the Republican Party has named Michael S. Steele to head the Republican National Committee, the first African American to chair the RNC.

For additional sources of online information on events of historical significance to and about African Americans, see our Web page celebrating African American History Month.

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