Bangladesh Disaster Throws Light on Global Garment Industry


A Bangladeshi woman cries while holding the portrait of a relative who was missing after the factory building’s collapse.

April 24 was a very sad day in Bangladesh. On that day, an eight-story commercial building on the outskirts of Dhaka collapsed, killing at least 1,127 people and injuring some 2,500. The event was one of the deadliest accidental structural failures in modern history, but was entirely preventable. The building’s top four floors had been put up without a permit, and the original structure was supposed to house offices and shops only, not the heavy equipment used by the clothing factories that operated there. Although inspectors had noted cracks in the building the day before, and the businesses on the lower floors were closed, the garment factory workers were told the building was safe, and that they’d be fired if they stayed home. Moreover, this is not the first factory tragedy in Bangladesh. For example, in 2012 a garment factory fire killed more than 115 people and injured at least 200.

The April 24 event highlights the role that the garment industry plays in developing countries. Besides Bangladesh, other countries that supply cheap clothing to department stores in the developed world include Cambodia, Vietnam, Burma, China, and India. Clothing exports comprise significant chunks of national revenues. For example, the garment industry pumps $20 billion a year into Bangladesh’s economy. The clothing industry does provide jobs. In fact, some of these countries boast very low unemployment; Cambodia’s unemployment rate is near zero. However, Cambodia’s poverty rate is 20 percent, which points to the industry’s dark side—low wages. In addition, in the garment industry unsafe working conditions and child labor are common. Labor unions are either not allowed or are ineffective.

What responsibility does the consumer bear in the global garment industry? Would you be willing to pay a bit more if you knew that the factory where that shirt was made was safe and its maker was paid a decent salary? Or does the responsibility lie elsewhere?

Image credit: © AP Photo/A.M. Ahad

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  1. emma moncla says:

    my condolences go out to the people who have lost a loved one through this disaster.

  2. kennethm 1a says:

    This was similar to the tsf fire because they both could ve been prevented if safety regulations were enforced. They were different because they happened in different ways.

  3. Kylee M1A says:

    The Traingle Shirtwaist Factory Fire in 1911 is comparable to the Bangladesh Disaster. In both instances, the tradgedy was preventable. In Triangle Fire, had the building had more exits and not mounds of cotton lying around, the lit cigarette would not have caused such damage. In Bangladesh, had the infrastucture gone through its regulations instead of cutting corners, those 1,127 people would be alive. In contrasts, the Bangladesh disaster was foreseen by its workers. They were told the building was safe when questioned and were threatened to be fired if they did not work. In the Triangle Fire, the workers had no idea of the potential hazards.

  4. Gage M1A says:

    well to start off they both happened on the eight floor. they both killed many of people. They also put a big dent in the product they put out. they are different by the amount of people they killed. and they are also different by the way the building went down. The triangle factory was a fire and this on is their was too much weight put on the structure, because they built more satories with out any permits…

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    “The” Gage Massey

  5. Kasey S1A says:

    The diaster in Bangladesh is very much similar to the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire in 1911. What are the olds that both diasters took place on the eighth floor of the building! In both events they were very much preventable. If the owners would have taken the caution the events would not have happened. But the fires could have been stopped for different reasons. In the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire the owner had locked the workers in the building because he did not want them to steal leaving only one exit for the workers. In the Bangladesh fire an inspector had checked out the building and had noticed a few cracks but did not think anything of it. Not to mention the top part of the building was build without a permit and was unsafe. Both tradgic events could have been stopped and many innicent people were injured.

  6. GonzalezA 1A says:

    The similiraties in this article with the story of traingle shirtwaist factory, the boss in the tsf lock the door and said anyways who enters gets fired.
    also they had no safety exits in the building so only a few people survied.

  7. Steven N1A says:

    The “Bangladesh Disaster” and the “Triangle Shirtwaist Factory” fire both have many noticable similarities. The workers were in an unsafe enviornment, where there was no strict enforcement of safety policies or emergency escape options. Unlike the triangle fire the workers were not likely to have been locked into to the room but clearly did not have a way out, workers were also told the building was safe by inspectors and were told that they would be fired if they did not show up to work.

  8. Brian F1A says:

    I think this is a tragic “accident” but the boss and inspecter were aware of the unsafe conditions and to just let the inspection pass is wrong when they knew not to have such heavy equipment the structure wasnt ment to hold all that weight. They way the triangle shirtwaist factory is the same is they both had lost not only the business but also the people and equipment in the building. They are different because of the location and the building in bangladesh didnt catch on fire it fell apart where the triangle shirtwaist caught on fire in America.

  9. Emily J1A says:

    The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire and the Bangladesh Diaster are similar becauase they both are factories and something tragic happens to them. Also inspection wasn’t important therefore a dangerous event took place to both of them. They are different because one was a fire and the other one was a building collapsed.

  10. Jeanette M1A says:

    These two events are similar because they were both important to were they were living. they were both big clothing factories and the merchandise was sold all over there country or where ever they lived. Oh and also they both occured on the 8th floor which is kind of cool i guess. They are different because they the Trinangle T-shirt factory was a fire and the Bangladesh accident was a collapsed building.

  11. jose l1a says:

    the accident that happened in Bangladesh is a simillar disaster to the triangle fire.they had poor working conditions like no safty regulations. if both factories had safty regulations then no one would be harmed.It is very importnant to have safty regulation.

  12. Caleb P1A says:

    This event is just like the Triangle Shirtwaist factory fire because the bosses running the factorys did not provide by safety laws at all. The fire started by a match if the match was never inn there to begin with the fire could have been prevented.Now if the people would have gotten a permit and built the structure the right way and stopped and made the cracks in the wall a big deal no body would have gotten hurt or killed. To preveant the sittuation they should have just kept the heavy machines off the top floors. These events are diffrent because one is a collapse of heavy machines and one is a fire on the top floors. I find these two events very sad that people did not take the right safety procedures and put many lives in danger and a result of this was death for many lives.

  13. Yaneth Eugenio (1A) says:

    The Trianlge fire is similiar to the Bangladesh Disaster in ways that they can relate. For example the owners of the traingle fire closed and locked the doors to the people that were in the sweat shops. They did this because they thought that the workers would steal the items from the sweatshops. I dont think that the people would of had the time to steal items from the sweatshop because they were going to be too busy trying to save their lives. These two events are different because the Trianlge Fire had permision to operate in the top floors while the Bangledesh Disaster didnt have permission to operate in the top floors. As a matter of fact they had inspected the building a day before and they still thought it was in safe conditions for the workers to return.

  14. Tyler S1A says:

    The triangle fire and the bangladesh disasterare similar because both events happened on the eight floor. Both of the events was in the clothing industry. there different because bangladesh disaster collaped and the triangle fire justed burned.

  15. Lorenzo W1A says:

    This event is similar to the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory that happened in 1911. Both of the workers from each company were lied to by their bosses. They told them that the buldings were safe. It seems that both of the buildings seemed to collapse on the eight floor. Their are also some differences in the diasters. The Triange diaster was started by a fire, The Bangladesh came from the building collapsed. Another difference in the events is the time in witch they happened, THe Triangle fire was in 1911 and the Bangladesh diaster was currently this year in 2013.

  16. Teresa G1A says:

    This event and the Triangle Fire are similar because both had many injuries and many death. They didn’t have proper safety laws, they were clothing factories or something alike and it was tragic. The Bangladesh Disaster was because of the structure while the Triangle Fire was because something got caught on fire by a match or something.

  17. Temetria G1A says:

    According to both artcles “Bangladesh Disaster Throws Light on Global Garment Industry” And ” Triangle Shirtwaist factory there are serious problems being occurred. The two stories have many similarites that involves massive deaths and illnessess.In both stories, workers were incarcerated and demanded to work under all conditions. Their bossess were Robber barons which meant they lusted finacially. One big difference that the two have would be that the company in Bangladesh was aware if the crackling building while the company in New York Didnt.

  18. jabal f1a says:

    the factory incident in bangladesh is similar to the triangle factory. they both had rural conditions. they were different because they were in different countries. one building collapsed the. the other caught on fire.

  19. NorrisG1A says:

    This event and Triangle Factory Fire have alot of similarities which include the working conditions that both bussinesses had to face. The people were working for very low wages close to zero. Both bussiness had Robber Baron that were a major effect during the guilded age.The two companies were different because Banglish Disaster had a greater amount of people to die in their disaster then the Triangle Fire. the Banglish Disater was cause by the collapsing of the building not being inspected carefully and in te right way but the
    fire was a caused by a cigarett which led to the building catching on fire a causing critical damage.

  20. Brooks W1A says:

    the tradjety that occured was very similer to the events that took place for the triangle fire. not only did both events occure on the 8th floor, but they both could have been prevented. there could have been inspections and things that could have been done to close the buisnesses down. many inocent lives were taken on the expence of the idiotic actions that the head boss took.

  21. Keundra L period;3 says:

    The accidents with both the immigrants and the indians were alike and different in many ways, a way that it was alike was because both incidents were preventable but wasn’t prevented. The disasters were different by the way it happened and where it took place, the immigrants were killed by fire, the indians bulding collapsed and probably were crushed. either way both tragedies ended in sadness and took many lives of both young and old.

  22. Koy M3rd says:

    This article relates to the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire. This is because the workers were forced to work. It also could have been prevented. This saddens me to see that the managers knew that the building could callapse and yet they made their employees work or they told them they would be fired. As a result of this ignorance, 1,127 people were killed and another 2,500 were injured.

  23. Venisha C .. Period ; 3rd . says:

    The difference between the video I watched and the article I just read is that the building on the article was that more people died of the incident that occured. The similarities of it was that many people died from both of them and both of the buildings caught on fire and collapse and killed many workers. In the video more then 400 people died from the tragedy and more then 1000 people died from this article. Reading and watching this kind of tragedy stuff makes me tear up a little bit. Because people lose their family and they have to see their family in a casket. It’s just so sad to also read/watch how many people were stuck in the building and couldn’t even get out. My heart goes out to everyone and their family that was a witness of these tragic moment.

  24. freddie m 3rd period says:

    the events are similar because in both situations deaths could of been prevented in the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory if the exit door was unlocked plenty of people would of survived and in Bangledesh if the top four floors were made legally it would not of collapsed and killed all of those people thats how these situations are similar but they are different because they happened in different countries and different time eras.

  25. Rosario M 3rd period says:

    This event and the one that occured at triangle Shirtwaist Factory are similiar because because both mistakes occured because of un safe conditions in factories, which could have been avoided if apporopriate rules were there. They are diffrent although because many more poeple died in Bangladesh were fired and blamed.

  26. Rebecca S. 3period says:

    The Bangladesh Disaster and the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire are similar because they were both clothing factories. Something went wrong in the factories that made the disaster start. Some differences between the two disasters was the Triangle Shirtwaist disaster was a fire caused by some kind of flame. People couldnt get out because the doors were locked and the fire exit was broken because of the weight. 115 people died and at least 200 were ingured. The Bangladesh disaster was caused by a crack in the building that made the unsafe factory callapse. People didnt have much time to leave the building and at least 1,127 people died and 2,500 people were injured.

  27. KiaraC3 says:

    The Bangladesh tragedy and the Triangle Shirtwaist Factroy Fire was a little similar. Both of the buildings collapsed and was preventable. The difference is that in the Bangladesh tragedy, many more people died; 1,127 people were dead and 2,500 were injured. Also, in the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory, It was mostly young women that died, this time it seems like it was both men and women.

  28. pedro V 3rd says:

    The Bangladesh and the triangle shirtwaist factory fire were similar because of the harsh working conditions they both hade.They made them work for many hours without rest.They also were both unsanitary.Both accidents coud have been prevented.They were also a little bit different because the triangle fire was cause by a careless worker and the bangladesh accident was caused by the inspectors and the boss.

  29. Samara B3rd says:

    The only main difference between these two are that the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory inccident was a fire and this one is a building collapse. The two are similar by how badly the business owners put their workers in such danger. In the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory, the owners put locks on the doors to keep the workers from stealing, when they could’ve easily just punished the thieves. But as a result, when the fire broke out, workers could not get out of the door. Many chose to plumit to their deaths from the broken fire escape. There isn’t enough details from the Bangladesh Garment Factory article, but it was made perfectly clear that many workers had pointed out cracks in the building the day before, workers were threatened to loose their jobs if they stayed home. The outcome being many poor, innocent lives were taken the next day, when the upper level floors finally became to weak for the heavy machinery, that it collapsed. Killing 1127 people, and injurying around 2500 people.

  30. Brandon M. 3rd says:

    The Bangladesh tradegy and the fire in the Triangle Shirtwaits Factory in (1911) are similar in several cruel ways. They both show that they have no rules or a safe place for work to their employes. Also they have cheap and unhelpful managers not giving them brakes are an an unsanitary place to work in. The events are different cause in this article shows facts that the bangladesh have inspector inspecting the building they have noticed cracks on the building and decided to keep them working. In the Triangle factory, people were bossed around they like it or not.

  31. Pedro M 3rd says:

    from what i can see in this article is that various people died and various number of amount were injured so forth as the video clip immigrants were needed to work in factories called sweatshops and worked so many long hours for the lowest pay as many dangerous hardships such as fires inside the tall buildings many died others injured some burned to death like this article more then a 100 people were killed because of a eight story building collapsed it kills peoples heart inside too hear so many humans die its very depressing to hear such a thing…

  32. steved3rd says:

    There are a similarity with these two and its the one in new york was because of fire and this one was a building collapse because of bad conditions on this one there were 1,127 dead but the one in new york it was on ly 147 was dead and that happened because the companies dont protect there workers their aren’t enough safety regarding it . and thats sad when the boss or the managers dont take care of their workers. And the both was people trying to make some money so they can support their family.

  33. Ernesto G3rd says:

    The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire is similar to this event because they were both working under the same unsafe working conditions, here they were working in a building that they knew was not safe do to cracks on the walls and other things as for the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire (TSFF) had bad working conditions to save money same as it was in this case and workers were forced to work for long hours and under bad conditions that could have been avoided if they had just been more considerate about the workers and not the money. But in some ways they are different because even though the TSFF had bad working conditions if the workers had been more careful the fire would have never started in the first place while in this case it was almost on purpose because the boss knew the building was not safe and still forced his workers to come to work or they would get fired.

  34. vonkeyla c 3rd says:

    this story is almost the same as the video we watch today in class. that they was in poor working placesand mean poeple died that would have if the owns of the work places was more careful of their works many people wouldnt have died. how many faimly lost alove one to the bilding clasping. the differnet between the story and the video that in this story more people died then the video that it was in differnt places . that the video was cause by a fire the one i readed was cause by the building being old now we see that many of theame problem are happen world wide over the samething. but from reading and see the video show me that these owns didnt care about the works all they want was the money that is cause more laws to be in forces about working

  35. JoseP3rd says:

    On april 24 it was sad day for all the bengladesh people because a comercial building calapse because they had build some parts that they shouldnt had build.That building killed 1,127 people and 2,000 people where injured.In new york a factory got on fire and killed 147 people.Both of them are kind similar because alot of people died.

  36. kentraviusm3 says:

    the two accidents that happen (in new york triangle waist…and the accident in bangledash)where some what similar because there was employees in a factory working, and the owner told them it was safe.the event that happened in bangledash alot of people died 1,000 people died

  37. AnthonyS4A says:

    I think that this event and the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire were similar because obth of those building were not up to “code”. Had it been up to “code” neither of these tragedies would have occured.

  38. AnthonyS4A says:

    The events were different because one was a fire and the other was a structural failure.

  39. SkyeB4A says:

    This event is simailar to the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire by many people dying from working in a unsafe working factory. The difference between the to is that the Triangle shirtwaist factory was a building made for a clothing factory to hold all the heavy machines. The Bangladesh garment factory wasn’t made for a building to hold heavy machines.

  40. RafaelD4A says:

    This disaster is very similar to the Triangle Shirtwaste Factory Fire. In both of these disasters people were killed because of the lack of responsibility and care of the factory owner. They were told that conditions were safe even though they werent in either disaster. They were forced to work because they were told they would be fired if they didnt work. In both of these disasters. many people died.

  41. RaisaP4A says:

    The Bangledesh tragedy was similar to the Triangular Shirtwaist Factory Fire in many ways. According to the event that happend many families lost their loved ones the tragedies were similiar they both were in a building where there were adults working just as well as children they were working major hours and getting paid low wages, they also inspected the place and notice cracks in the walls but still acknowledge that the building was in good working condition it actually makes me feel bad because they told the employees that if they didnt come to work that day they would be fired the diffrences were that they were in diffent time periodsalso more people were killed .

  42. Gamaliel E. 4-A says:

    The similarities are that both are a factory of clothing and that both were low wage and more working time.
    Difrences are that one of the tragetis was a colaps and the other on cot on fire in on there ingerd.

  43. SebastianL says:

    Wow, crazy to hear how easily this whole situtation could have been avoided. This accident is very caomparable to the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire of 1911, both of these didnt have the proper safty regulations, like in the fire the owner locked the doors because he didn’t want people to steal, and in this situation the floors had been put up without a permit. then they both lost many lives. It was diferent because they took place in two different places and one was due to structual issues and the other due to fire. So sad to hear that these kinds of things still happen in modern history.

  44. KristieM 4A says:

    This event is similar to that of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire because both cases involved unsafety conditions, no law to protect the workers,cost the lives of loved ones, and it consisted of child labor.They are different because the Bangledesh incident inspectors noted the business of the unsafety features like the crack in the wall. In addition, unlike the Triangle SHirtwaist Factory Fire, the workers for the building were forced to do their jobs when they were threatened for losing their jobs if they don’t show up. Plus, the way in which people lost their lives were not the same. In the Bangledesh factory the building actually collapsed instead of catching on fire like the Shirtwaist factory. I feel sad for the people that lost their lives because the incident could have been prevented if people were aware of safety procedures.

  45. Natanya P4A says:

    This event compares to the triangle shirtwaist factory fire in many wasys.This could have been provented just like the other one.maney people had been injured by this and no matter how much worning the company had the still didnt take controle of the tragady.the fire was just the same when worning came the boss was more cought up in making money thin his or hers workers saftey.The tragidys are in many days because they bouth could have been provented by little work.the events were in commenalso because they had alot of people in them.another way was the cloth making part was the only part to get destroyed.

  46. DamianE4A says:

    the two events both this and the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire of 1911 are similar in many ways like they both could have been prevented.the people could have been saved if the employer didn’t do something. they are also both big company’s.they are different by what happened to the people also what kind of company and by how many people got hurt. i feel like the incedent in Bangladesh is a great tragedy and that the employer should have to pay all of the family and the people that got injured should be compensated.

  47. Brenda H4A says:

    -Could have be prevented
    -People died in the acciedent
    -Both made clothes
    -One was in New York and one in India
    -One was a fire and the other a building collapsed
    -In the Triangle the people didn’t know the fire would starat and in the disaster the owner knew there were cracks in the ceiling but still sent the workers

  48. Tjt 4A says:

    its the same because the garment factory workers were told the building was safe, and that they’d be fired if they stayed home – the diffrents because they ground collasped and the shirtwaist factory caught on fire and the working building collasped ..

  49. Kristie Mi 4A says:

    This event is similar to that of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire because both cases involved unsafety conditions, no law to protect the workers,cost the lives of loved ones, and it consisted of child labor.They are different because the Bangledesh incident inspectors noted the business of the unsafety features like the crack in the wall. In addition, unlike the Triangle SHirtwaist Factory Fire, the workers for the building were forced to do their jobs when they were threatened for losing their jobs if they don’t show up. Plus, the way in which people lost their lives were not the same. In the Bangledesh factory the building actually collapsed instead of catching on fire like the Shirtwaist factory. I feel sad for the people that lost their lives because the incident could have been prevented if people were aware of safety procedures.

  50. AngeliseR 4A says:

    Similarities are that something tragic happeend. The “Big” people, People who run the company, made sure that the workers did thier work and made sure that they couldnt leave.
    Differencces are that they happend in different places. One had more places. One was actually built for a clothing factory.
    Its quite upsetting actually, because those people in bangladesh actually had a chance to stop something but they couldnt do anything bacause they were thretend. In New York, they didnt know before hand. Either way people died when they werent supposed to. Its sad to think of.

  51. Leon S4A says:

    Their similar because the women here didn’t have the security just as the women in our notes didn’t have. They difference would probably be that these bosses actually knew about the dis-function that could have risked the peoples lives but yet they insisted on ignoring the fact and this caused peoples lives. this is the same because the endangered lots of peoples lives. the difference is that boys was actually involved in this one.

  52. Estella I4A says:

    This event compares to the Triangle waist Factory Fire by the fact that both we’re clothing factories. Each factories we’re ended tragically and ended up killing over 100 people. Even tho the bosses that own the buildings didn’t care for the safety for thier workers. The owners only cared for thier finacial needs. However, in the difference between this event and the Triangle Shirtwaist, this event collasped due to the cracking on the side of the buidling. Killing over 1,000 people and few were injured. Which the bosses told thier workers that it was safe & were able to continue working. But the Triangle Shirtwaist ended with a fire. Killing 146 sweatshop workers. The Bosses even watched some workers fall out from the windows due to being trapped in the building. And the Triangle’s fire escaped stairs collasped because it can only hold few people.

  53. TyroneP4A says:

    This event is similar to the triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire by many people dying from working in a unsafe working factory. One of the differences between the two is that the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory was a tall building made for a clothing factory to hold the heavy machines and all the women who worked in the Factory. The Bangladesh wasnt made to hold all of that weight that it was holding.

  54. JaQwesha M4A says:

    this event is similar to the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire in 1911 by how the business were not to concerned about the workers safety but in Bangladesh but at least had it inspected even though they ignored some of the problems and over looked them. these two things were also similar like like how many innocent people died this also inspired people to try to make a difference so something like this doesn’t happen again.

  55. HedvigH4A says:

    This is a tragic story and it feels like history is repeating itself. Like the Triangle Shirtwaist Facotry Fire in 1911, this event is an example of how workers safety is at risk because of businesses desire to earn more money. The events are similar because both of them could be prevented if the bosses cared more about their workers safety. Although it was known that the building was unsafe, the workers were forced to go job anyway. The events are different because it was different accidents. Instead of a fire the buidling collapsed, but the concept is the same.

  56. JoshJ4A says:

    Between this Bangladesh disaster and the Triangle Factory fire , there are a quite few things that these to factories have in common one thing is that both of them were unstable i’ll say and were one of the deadlisest facories accidents. To me I feel that if both of the companies were as good as are buildings are now and stable enough they’ll stil be standing.

  57. William C4A says:

    This event is comparable to The Triangle Waist Factory becaus ethey were both shirt making building companys.They also the 2012 garment fire factory that killed 100+ of employes like the T.W.F had experienced. Somthing diffent that occured was that in bangledish the bosses knew that the building had a crack and they still brought the heavy sewing machines. & in the T.W.F.the bosses did not know of the fire being capable of bursting in flames and it was because of their afraidness nof the employes stealing money they locked the main doors causing 100+ of the employes to die.

  58. CarolineM4B says:

    The Triangle Factory Fire And the Bangladesh Disaster are similar in varies of ways . In the Bangladesh disaster and the Triangle Factory, there were many people killed due to things that were preventable. Even though The Bangladesh Disaster was in Modern history and The Triangle Factory was in the Past , they both gave people the horrible feeling of losing love ones in a clothing factory disaster . Also, They both took place in different places and both of the disasters started from different things.

  59. Shalonda jor says:

    There are many similarities between the the Triangle shirt waste facotory and the Bangladesh Garment factory and there were some differences. The simlarities were that they both were on going working conditions, also they both were unsafe buildings to work in. The women as well as kids worked both factories also. some differences between the two factories were that on was in new york and the other was in Bangladesh. The Bangladesh factory was actually made for a clothing factory, the other one wasnt.Also in the Bangladesh facorty the workers didnt have time to exist because the building callapes after the fire, and the other factory had time but there was only one door to exist and the people didnt make in time because the door allowed one person at a time.These are a few similarities and differences between the two factories.

  60. JasonL4A says:

    This story is very similar to the triangle shirtwaist fire of 1911. The workers were lied and taken advantage of. they were told the building was safe. the company was very selfish and is the reason why both disasters happened. but they are also very different. the 1911 disaster resulted in a uncontrollable fire that spread thoughout the building, and this resulted in a building collapsing.

  61. awesomegirl says:

    the boss should have been paying more attention of the building b/c he could be a bad role model for other people and will not be liked by many people! this is horrible and I don’t think this is necessary. Imagine how many people could be disliking that boss! Like I say HOW RUDE! I bet so many people were mad at him. this is just horrible

    brought to you by an awesome girl =)