1. Oussama says:

    WOW! This was awesome MKF Team. Thank you for being the faulbous philanthropy leaders that you are and putting this together. What an amazing way to showcase the body of work you’re supporting. U R Rocking it.

  2. Anonymous says:

    hi umm i like to read story it is nice to me in i like to read it all day bey i have a nice day love leahcim

  3. hederson says:

    this article civic engagement in millrnnial America was a really good article and i liked it.

  4. J.J says:


  5. M.T.D says:

    Good way to be leaders of the communitiy

  6. tyneshaa says:

    awsome,event.it teels alot of whats going on .

  7. isaiah says:

    i think what u r doing is great

  8. mikenson jean says:

    this was a alsome way to express your mind

  9. jamesha says:

    Wow that is a good job because,the philanthropy peoples that you all are ………..

  10. dajahnique says:

    Well u guys are amazing and u guys are smart and i love your idea it is very clever.

  11. MARK says:

    The group of people who started this are some great young people. They started something that might last generation KEEP IT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. jarvis says:

    It was so nice to share this to us

  13. brianna says:

    The people who made the civics engagement are very smart people because our young people need to be interested in our community so it can become a better place and not a worse place then what it is now. That why i think that civics engagement is a good idea.

  14. jean says:

    good common bro