Flash Mobs—Vicious or Virtuous?

flash mob of Santas in London

Santa Clauses brought to Trafalgar Square, London, by social media

Not too many years ago, the ability to talk with another person—no matter where that person was—made the cell phone a phenomenon that changed communication forever. Then various social media hit the air waves, and again everything changed completely. Now we can communicate with hundreds of people at the same time, and often those communications are to gather a crowd, called a flash mob, to the same place at the same time. Societies have been deeply affected—for good and for ill.On the benefit side of the scoreboard, flash mobs fall into two general categories. One is the just-for-fun flash mob. Hundreds of people may show up to dance, to stage a pillow fight, to help a nervous young man propose to his girlfriend by singing their favorite song. These mobs astonish, amuse, and delight. Another type of flash mob is organized for serious but constructive purposes. During the Arab Spring, protesters used social media to arrange huge demonstrations against oppressive governments. In the aftermath of the August, 2011 London riots, flash mobs showed up to clean the streets as soon as they could.The London riots highlight the down side of flash mobs, however. There and in other British cities, looters and arsonists used social media to stay one step ahead of police as they rampaged through the streets. In recent months, “flash robs” have been on the rise. During these events, a crowd shows up, overwhelms employees, and takes thousands of dollars’ worth of merchandise within just a few minutes. One clerk compared the mob of teenagers that robbed his store to a swarm of locusts.

What is to be done? Should governments be allowed to shut down social media networks if they feel public safety is threatened by flash mobs? The British prime minister proposed doing just that during the riots. Or should freedom of expression never be limited? Focusing on social media may be the wrong tactic. As one writer observed, technologies don’t have political viewpoints. Social media are not to blame for criminal flash mobs; it is the people who use flash mobs for criminal purposes.

Image credit: AP Photo/Sang Tan

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