Get Smarter Quiz

Question 1
Which statement about intelligence is true?

Question 2
Physical activity

Question 3
The simple act of frowning, according to “31 Ways to Get Smarter in 2012”

Question 4
One of the five simple ways to increase your intelligence is

Question 5
Who introduced the concept of the method of loci, or the memory palace?


  1. funny bunny says:

    I suk at quizes evwn when i study

  2. KENZIE says:

    omg i only got ONE right…. this sucks.

  3. Sydney says:

    Actually intelligence is inborn. After your youth… you cannot change it. However, you CAN increase your knowledge (the info you know)

  4. The girl who can spell says:

    @funny bunny, it’s obvious you need to study more since you can’t spell. 🙂

  5. Vitoria says:

    Why not give us a definition of leieltignnce so we can all be on the same page. There are people who are idiot savants, they can have a high aptitude for any number of academic disciplines but may have an IQ of 20. Formal education is one thing and natural leieltignnce is something completely different. I would not trust a naturally intelligent person to conduct brain surgery or to fly a plane, this requires formal education.References :

  6. t says:

    what is leietignnce did you
    even spell it correctly?

  7. omg ttyl lol suv says:

    1 out of 5 who hoo

  8. omg ttyl lol suv says:

    5 out of 5 woot woot

  9. king of the hill says:

    1 out of 5