Greek Debt Quiz

Question 1
Which countries, besides Greece, have economies that are especially burdened by debt?

Question 2
If Greece were to default on its debt,

Question 3
The BEST meaning of “austerity measures” is

Question 4
What is the eurozone?

Question 5
What spurred the riots in Athens in October 2011?


  1. hwfkjdhsjvfxafkljdasghkqnhaslhfdlgf says:

    This test was awesome it was so fun.

  2. hwfkjdhsjvfxafkljdasghkqnhaslhfdlgf says:

    i did not lke this test neither did momo. go momo go momo go

  3. stephanie says:

    i cant believe i just passed this test without looking but i think ill go back and read it