Katrina Evacuees Quiz

Question 1
When did Hurricane Katrina strike New Orleans?

Question 2
Which statement about Katrina evacuees in Houston is correct?

Question 3
What happened in Houston as Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans?

Question 4
Which of the following was NOT a common problem for Katrina evacuees in Houston?

Question 5
Which of the following is NOT a reason many Katrina evacuees cite for staying in Houston?

One Comment

  1. Jessa says:

    Sister, Your segment is benyod art, it’s truth. You’ve started the process of capturing the soul of a very important, but brief moment in time don’t stop; the nameless, the faceless, those that died waiting to be rescued are praying for you to expand you vision. Someone MUST tell their story! I think that it’s you or at least you are the beginning. I suggest that you challenge others to Mash-Up images, and traditional media, of what has passed within the last two weeks and of what will come like Sept. 11th, the scars of Katrina will be with us for a very long while. Every new medium has it’s inflection point. For Cable new it was the Gulf War, for the Internet it was E-Commerce. Maybe this moment in time is why Vlogging was invented. Maybe this cause, allowing real people to document and express the real truth to whomever will view or listen, is the inflection point for Vlogs and podcasts?I also appreciate the selfless nature of the segment. After viewing it I was struck by the notion that traditional media is more about the network (and their advertisers) the news anchor (and their hair) more often than about the true story.More power to you. Continue to speak truth to power.May God bless you and inspire your vision,James HarrisCEO and Chief StorytellerElemental Interactive