Meeting Face to Facebook: Social Networking

Social networking

Social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter are among the fastest growing businesses on the Internet today. As more and more Americans sign up and create networks, sociologists have begun to view these sites as powerful research tools. By giving a visible form to the bonds between people, social networking sites allow researchers to investigate better than ever before how we are all tied together.

Recent studies suggest that online networking offers many benefits to its participants, from an increased sense of community to better physical health. Studies also suggest that online networkers tend to have as many or more friends—both online and offline—as those who avoid the Internet. The studies suggest that people do not replace their face-to-face friendship networks with online ones. Instead, they create new networks, often of old and distant friends, that increase their levels of socialization. Some researchers question the value of these expanded networks, though, especially when coupled with the loss of privacy that can result from online activities.

However, not all social networking sites are created equal. Studies have found that the populations of sites like Facebook and MySpace differ in terms of social class and race. One researcher likens the differences between the sites to the division of a city into neighborhoods: people are drawn to those sites where they will find people most like themselves.

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  1. keana says:

    i like facebook so i dont have to delete it if i dont what to

    • Stephano says:

      I don’t like it too, even twitter. My favorite site is Youtube.

  2. Dylan says:

    I don’t like Faceook because it takes away the time that you can’t get back

  3. mitchell says:

    i hate facebook

  4. brianna says:

    facebook is my life!!! in love with it !!:)

  5. nicole says:

    i hate facebook twitter is where its at

  6. pink pancakes says:

    i wanna facebook a lot now!

  7. purple pancakes says:

    I think facebook is ok put i dont hate it,i is cool to talk to friends on facebook…..

  8. Joe says:

    WHAT IS TWITTER?!?!??!

  9. Juli says:

    MMMMMM…Facebook isn’t really that cool my big brother stopped getting on it.:)

  10. Juli says:

    ……. I’m not a chatty person. 🙂