Memory and “Blindness” Quiz

Question 1
Test subjects who were told to count the number of basketball passes often failed to notice

Question 2
Of the following, which is the best summary of the main story?

Question 3
As reported in ScienceDaily, during the new study the scientists examined the test subjects’ brains by using

Question 4
According to Professor Simons’ article, in a condition related to inattentional blindness one may fail to notice something different about a display. This is called

One Comment

  1. Kamlesh says:

    I say it’s 13. 14 if you get tricked in the midlde.About halfway they pass to the girl in the front and it looks like she passes it back to the guy at the back on the other side (right side). In fact, (and just my opinion) she passed it to the guy in the back on the left in the black shirt, he passed it over to the guy in the white. It’s subtle and hard to catch but if you keep watching, something looks “off”. So if you miss it, it’s 14 but really it’s 13 because she never passed to the guy on the right, the guy in the black did.