Obamacare Ruling Quiz

Question 1
In its decision on Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, the Supreme Court

Question 2
In ruling on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, Chief Justice John Roberts

Question 3
According to the Congressional Budget Office, the decision by the Supreme Court on President Obama’s health care law will

Question 4
Which of the following is TRUE of the Supreme Court’s ruling on “Obamacare”?

Question 5
The Supreme Court’s decision on the health care law limits the federal government’s ability to


  1. Emine says:

    Judicial review is the term you’re tihiknng of. Also, this is a state supreme court. The established practices can differ from a federal court.However, given that their legal systems are grounded in English Common Law (except for one state Louisiana, I think) and the fact that the U.S. Constitution always trumps any state constitutions or laws, they always defer to precedents set by SCOTUS. They’re also generally modeled after federal courts, ruling only on the constitutionality of laws.At least in theory. California is the home of activist courts and judges who love to thumb their noses at the other courts and overreach their authority, precedent be damned. The Ninth Circuit (also based in San Francisco) constantly sets new records for the number of their rulings which are overturned by SCOTUS. Oh, and Idaho is part of the Ninth Circuit, so their wacky decisions are binding on you (at least until SCOTUS overturns them).

  2. Ipunk says:

    In the Wisconsin I grew up in, these Republicans would have all been pressured to resgin. How can they return to their districts as look their constituents in the eye? What has happened to the Republican party??? Walker and the Fitzgerald brothers (and dad) aren’t from Wisconsin and they don’t understand what honest government is. In fact, they don’t understand what honesty is.If the big money that Walker is running around the country raising can buy enough votes to keep these guys in office, then Wisconsin’s great experiment in democracy is over.