Inspire your students to become active and informed citizens with HMH Election Connection!

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt brings you a dynamic new online resource to engage and inform your social studies students. HMH® Presidential Election Connection provides you with a comprehensive, one-stop information hub so that you can:

  • Provide current, balanced coverage of the 2016 Presidential Election and responsible content appropriate for Grades 6-12
  • Engage students with innovative digital resources including Channel One News® daily broadcasts and resources, HISTORY® videos, WebQuests, study guides, readers, and comprehensive primary source selections.
  • Extend instruction with quality resources available through HMH partnerships with HISTORY and Center for Civic Education.


HMH Presidential Election Connection Content Includes:

  • Election 2016 Coverage: Links to Channel One’s One Vote provide students with year-long One Vote segments, profiles on candidates, and opportunities to give opinions, respond to polls, and enter a contest to be the teen voice of One Vote. Channel One One Vote provides teens a chance to make an informed selection and participate in a national mock election for teens.
  • Historic Election Coverage: Key Information to help students understand the electoral process and elections of the past is provided from HISTORY, Center for Civic Education, and Channel One News videos, primary sources, historical readers, and lesson ideas.
  • Student Engagement Opportunities: Students will become engaged and excited about the election process with games, lesson plans, mock elections, projects for citizenship, and other resources designed to encourage civic engagement and active participation in the electoral process.
  • Skill Development Opportunities: To encourage students to see both sides of an issue, develop vital social studies skills, and become informed citizens, students will have access to engaging content and activities including WebQuests, media literacy activities, and skill builder activities.


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