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SmithsonianThe Smithsonian welcomed a record number of visitors in 2009, helped by the reopening of the National Museum of American History and huge crowds in the nation’s capital for the inauguration of Barack Obama. The institution’s 19 facilities reportedly received 30 million visits, based on figures from all venues for exiting patrons. January 20, Inauguration Day, witnessed the largest single-day attendance of the year. A Smithsonian spokesperson noted that, in addition, the three largest museums on the National Mall—the American History, Natural History, and Air and Space museums—were kept open later than usual the entire summer. And the success of the hit comedy film Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian didn’t hurt. People actually came in saying, “Where is the real thing? I just saw the movie.”

Attendance at the Smithsonian’s museums, which are free, was up some 5 million from the previous year. The American History Museum, which had been closed for renovations for two years, saw 4.4 million visitors in 2009. Among its most popular exhibits, also probably helped by the 2009 movie Julie & Julia, is chef Julia Child’s kitchen. The National Museum of Natural History was the most popular of all; its visitors totaled 7.4 million for the year.

If you can’t visit Washington, D.C., you can take advantage of an ever-increasing virtual presence of the Smithsonian Institution online. Among its vast exhibits you can find over 2 million records with 265,900 images, video and sound files, electronic journals, and other resources.

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  1. Simo says:

    We were just in the Reading Museum yesterday where they have a mummy and a sukhnren head from South America. Cedar (age 7) looked at the mummy, but he avoided the sukhnren head. If you’re ever in the area, AJ would certainly enjoy it!Nancy