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  1. love says:

    i love yall!!!!!

  2. mark says:

    Why do you have the Fox news streaming? They are a partisan organization.

    • Current Events Host says:

      Hi Mark,

      We actually have three newsfeeds on the front page: BBC, Fox News, and CNN. We only stream the “breaking news” feeds from these sources, not their commentary feeds.

    • Brandon says:

      Hi Mark
      nice question

  3. Brandon says:

    I feal bad fr the people how died in 9/11 I wish the families well

  4. Amber says:

    I can’t bear to see kids that are abused

  5. shaniqua says:

    omg girlll!!!!!!! i love this wabsite

  6. shaniqua says:

    im watching you!!!!

  7. Nevelise says:

    who r u people

  8. ROBERT says:

    4 REAL

  9. alan says:


  10. storm falcon says:

    hi I’m new here

  11. nautykka king says:

    like i didn’t know jfk but he seemed to be chill as a president he took care of out country

  12. izayah faison says:

    hi erbody