Election 2012 Less Than a Year Away

About 11 months remain before Americans will go to the polls in the 2012 elections. President Barack Obama, the Democratic incumbent, will be seeking reelection, facing off against a Republican opponent yet to be determined. In part because the president is unlikely to face a serious challenger from within his own party during the primaries, most of the early attention is on the Republican presidential field. The race is on, the field is crowded, and it is still anyone’s guess as to who will emerge as the Republican nominee.

For anyone wishing to follow the pitfalls and pratfalls of the political campaigns, a wealth of information is readily available online. News organizations provide instant coverage of events such as debates, campaign stops, and press conferences, and the campaigns themselves post content that they want potential voters to see. Candidates are thus more “visible” than ever—for better or for worse—through the (sometimes viral) spread of videos via the Internet. The “24/7” news cycle guarantees that every incident, however important or trivial, will be immediately reported, instantly analyzed, and as quickly forgotten as the next incident bumps it from the headlines.

Though “election fatigue” may set in long before Election Day (which won’t arrive until next school year), for “political junkies” there should be plenty of news and views to keep you tuned in. You will no doubt hear your fill of what’s wrong with the country and what’s wrong with the candidates. But hopefully, you can become an informed citizen and might also hear something that inspires you to take part in the democratic process.

Image credit: © P. Gangler/Fotolia

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  1. Brooklyn says:


    • dream on says:

      1 and a half first comment rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • bob says:

      i will note vote

      • Vanessa says:

        Your right, he has tried, but failed to run this country debt free. But,I am not judging hardly right now, because they both try so hard. I wonder who will win…

        • Casados says:

          Siroker believes that pilitocal campaigns in the future will change as a result of the Obama campaign. What’s even more, he believes businesses can learn from the campaign. For instance, businesses can utilize social media as a way to let others advocate their message for them.

        • Lache says:

          Interesting info. It confirms that we are doing the right thing in tnkiag the message of freedom to the host of previously unconnected people to ultimately stop the policies Mr Siroker helped to inflict on our fair country.

      • Vanessa says:

        BY the way, i meant that comment to bob marly 🙂

    • bob marly says:

      I think obama should not win somebody else should

    • HOLA MIHA says:

      Im a hater

  2. 2222211111 says:

    2nd comment o yah

  3. vote4bachmann says:

    yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! vote 4 michelle bachmann

    • Sexy and I know it says:

      True DAt

      • Vanessa says:

        I agree. It is not like like i hate Obama or Romney, it is just they could do better than that. Don’t you guys wish sometimes that you could come up to the presidents and tell them everything?

  4. Omar Obengarshed says:

    Obama is bad. Bachman is crazy. Perry cannot speak. Romney is not interesting. Gingrich and his ego cant fit the moon. America is in trouble.

    • Vanessa says:

      Are u kidding me?! Don’t vote to fast for Obama, (I’d give it a try to vote for Romney)

    • Vanessa says:

      Oh, and to add Omar, Obama being bad and Romney being boring. Which is better? Romney of course cuz it does not mean that if hes boring then he will be a bad president. Think about it… I AM SERIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. samarra says:

    OBAMA!!!, OBAMA!!!,OBAMA!!!

  6. maiya says:

    i think obama is okay but people are crazy to pick the other candates

  7. Abina Anderson P1 says:

    I think that OBAMA is still goto be the President of the united states .

  8. Ashley M. says:

    News organizations provide instant coverage of events such as debates, campaign stops, and press conferences, and the campaigns themselves post content that they want potential voters to see.

  9. Bert says:

    You guys need to up date this

  10. :) :) =) 8) says:


  11. kyra says:

    I think obama sucks

  12. Zachary says:

    This is other peoples opinion on Obama, but this isnt what i think…

    People say that Obama is responsible for the economy dropping, and stuff…

    I think Obama is a great president and should be re-elected!!!


  13. Olivia says:

    mmm..yeah i don’t think Obama will solve any of our problems..but neither will any of the others will either. I agree with Omar!

  14. stephanie says:

    we need a republican

  15. Antonio says:

    I think Americans will just vote for Obama because he is black and people dont want to seem racis. Thats how he got to be president dont get me wrong he is a great public speaker, but he just didnt do anything. I know that know other politcian wil do much better, but we know what Obama can do and why not take a chance at someone else?

  16. Corie says:

    I strongly dissagree Obama with all do respect you raised the retirement age I strongly dissaprove on that. You expect people to work at the age of 65 or more? People are very sick at that point in time. I doubt a variety of people would agree on working at that point in time. This is my opinion you can disagree if you’d like to.

  17. Alphredough Gunn says:

    He wants to marry Mitt Romney, but Romney does not approve because he is straight!

  18. Savy A. says:

    So, I think that the only good thing Obama has done is his whole “gay rights” movement. I like that. But everything else he’s done sucked.

    I asked Santa for good presidential candidates, but obviously he didn’t get my letter.

  19. bob says:

    this is terrible the us is going to plummet and the world is going to explode. Obama is not going to get win again i hate the fact that he was ever president

  20. Alphredough Gunn says:

    Saddam isn’t dead, he’s just in Obama’s closet.

  21. Alphredough Gunn says:


  22. Zyzz says:

    I can’t believe you people still support Obama, regardless of the fact that he did nothing of note in his 4-year term. What makes you think it would be any different if he were to be elected again?

    Ron Paul 2012. Bring us back our Constitution!

  23. Ya Boy Dave says:

    @zyzz, right you are. it’s so sad that he gets no media attention.

    • Majda says:

      Good day sir hope your having a nice day I’m not so much but then again you know that and have chose not to pick up the peeacs with me but against me thanks for the help which country should I go to then?????????

  24. Zyzz says:

    Ron Paul 2012

  25. Superman says:

    I love you obama

  26. Urban Legend says:

    Go Person!!! Yeah!! Someone Win!!!!Ron Paul or Obama!!!!! Someone Win!!! I don’t care.

  27. Sexy and I know it says:

    obama suckkkkkssssss

  28. socko says:

    Lets go ron paul you are the best person ever.

  29. ANDY JAING says:

    HAHA 🙂

  30. Julia says:

    anybody EXCEPT for obama

  31. bob marley says:

    i hate brock obama man

  32. bob says:

    he sucks

  33. Mystery Man says:

    Barrack is going to beast in the election

  34. Sprite says:

    Mitt Romney NUFF SAID.

  35. Mellise says:

    i think obama will win because no one wants to deal w a new president, especially the way the economy is now a days!!! a lot of people want obama to win just cause he is black, i wish he was green haha so people could see color doesnt matter!

  36. Mellise says:

    and plus the pres cant solve our problems he can only help out we have to do it, but we wont cause were to selfish and lazy haha ill die one day might as well enjoy this smogged filled air (;

  37. UNKNOWN says:

    Gosh people look there is no way the GOP is going to let him win. The only candidate that is a disappointment is Mitt Romney and Mr.Obama himself!! People like Rick Santorum and at one point Michele Bachmann restored hope. Look i am not telling who i am supporting but let me just say….. RICK SANTORUM ALL THE WAY!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. UNKNOWN says:


  39. sami says:

    i love Obama 🙂

  40. GO HUNGER GAMES!!!!! says:

    i dont care

  41. obama should win says:

    i <3 obama

  42. obama should win says:

    he gona win 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  43. ravemaster says:

    obama all the way!!!!!!!!:)

  44. Taylor says:

    Go Obama u will win

  45. DONT BE A HATER;(;) says:

    Why is yall being a hater like that In my opinion I think that OBAMA should be re-elected.P.S I am just a 10 year old girl:)

    • Kool says:

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  46. skitles a says:

    boooooooooo obama

  47. brittney says:

    i hate obama

  48. Obama4president says:

    Honestly the people saying they hate Obama should stop he is just one guy. Being the president is hard and every single one of our presidents has always put forth their best effort to run our country. He is doing what he truely believes is right. If you don’t agree with that okay, but don’t hate the guy for trying his best to help and protect the people in this country.