Election 2012 Quiz

Question 1
Which of the following are in the field of candidates for the Republican presidential nomination at the end of 2011?

Question 2
The Democratic Party’s nominating convention in 2012 will be held in which city?

Question 3
How will changes in the U.S. population, as reflected in the 2010 Census, affect the electoral map in 2012?

Question 4
When is the first presidential debate between the Democratic and Republican nominees for president scheduled for?

Question 5
During the 2012 presidential primary season, Super Tuesday will


  1. maria says:

    its good to know all of this information

  2. jerry says:


    • Thomas says:

      NO MORE SPENDING LIMIT INCREASE!!! To much spdienng is what got us into this mess. More spdienng will not solve anything!!Ron Paul 2012, a change for America’s Interest NOT Special Interest!!!

    • Luisito says:

      The right is already criiiciztng the idea that Obama will hold more press conferences.Sean Hannity has a countdown to Election Day 2012. I hope Obama goes after the FCC and pushes for better regulation. I hope he forces Fox News to either have to change their name to Fox Opinion or really present news.I don’t mind some commentary in my news but they really need to sprinkle some news in their programs.

  3. joe says:

    NObama 2012

  4. Mohammadali says:


  5. Saniya mehdi says:

    We want Obama too

  6. Daisy says:

    GO OBAMA!!