North Korea Rattles Its Nukes

Soldiers and artillery on display during a military parade to mark the centennial of the birth of Kim Il-Sung, in the North Korean capital, Pyongyang, in mid-April 2012

Tensions on the Korean Peninsula are running high, as the government of North Korea issued new threats against the United States and South Korea. In this latest instance of nuclear saber-rattling, the regime of Kim Jong-un said it was prepared to launch a preemptive strike that would turn America’s capital into a “sea of flames.” This escalation of war rhetoric by North Korea was in response to tighter economic sanctions passed by the United Nations Security Council in early March. The UN was itself reacting to the most recent nuclear test by North Korea, which took place in February. China, the country with the most influence over North Korea, joined in voting for the latest economic sanctions, which are aimed at preventing North Korea from funding the continued development of its nuclear program.

The North Korean government called the new sanctions an “act of war” and declared the truce that ended the Korean War in 1953 to be null and void. This armistice has stood for nearly 60 years. Susan Rice, U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, stated that Pyongyang had nothing to gain “by continued threats and provocations.” Military experts consider North Korea’s statements “bluster” or bluff, but they do acknowledge that the regime possesses the capability to reach U.S. territory with a missile, albeit not one with a nuclear warhead. Not yet.

Pentagon spokesmen emphasized the readiness of the United States to face any threat and to defend its allies. Amid the flare-up, the U.S. and South Korean armed forces are conducting their annual joint exercises. The two allies announced they had reached a “counter-provocation plan” to guide their joint response to any military move by North Korea.

Image credit: ã PEDRO UGARTE/AFP/Getty Images

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  1. Christian says:

    we need to defend our capital and go get Korea before they get us,we have great weapons too and alies. navy,army,airforce,and marines. we have the most experience.But looks like North Korea is ready and will strick any minute.

  2. Elliot says:

    I think the north caria’s president should calm down and not start a world war three.

  3. Justin says:

    They say they will send a pre-emptive strike but, we are the ones who need to send one.

  4. Jack Snider says:

    I wonder if they will stop if i give Kim-Jug-Il $10$ 🙂

  5. Jakob says:

    We have missile defense systems and everyone know North Korea isn’t ready for war… Even there biggest ally is against it. They won’t do anything…

  6. storm falcon says:

    maybe we start a blockade, and send spies 2 see what they are planning. just a idea

  7. Brandy says:

    As if we can “send spies” to n. Korea! Haha what a joke…if only it was that easy. Don’t you realize how secretive and tight their security is? It’s practically impossible.

  8. laura says:

    hi in class

  9. boby joe says:

    not good a all

  10. Joe says:


  11. says:

    if we don’t end war, then war will end us

    • says:

      ending war could mean war, and if war is stopped then evil will have the all power

  12. says:

    ending war will most likely involve war, but if war is ended then its because one person has united it

  13. bm says:

    get a life you are anoying

  14. Falcon Lover says:

    Well, NK wont be ready, we have special missile defense missiles. So NK could not make our capital the “sea of flames”. If you are from USA and think this is going to happen, just remember, we have special defenses that not most things can get by. I can’t think of anything that will pass our systems.