Osama bin Laden Killed in U.S. Military Operation

Osama Bin Laden on Time Magazine

In a special announcement the evening of May 1, 2011, President Obama announced the killing of Osama bin Laden as a result of a U.S. military operation in Pakistan. The death of bin Laden ended a decade-long manhunt for the leader of al Qaeda, the organization made up of Islamic extremists that was responsible for the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the United States. The president hailed the operation as a major victory for the nation’s counterterrorism efforts.

Bin Laden and his network of terrorists were responsible for numerous attacks against U.S. targets, including embassies in East Africa and the USS Cole. The military operation responsible for his death was the outcome of years of intense intelligence activity, leading to the discovery of his secret compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan. The high-walled compound in a suburb of Pakistan’s capital, Islamabad, was built expressly to hide bin Laden in 2005. The suspicious activities of its residents alerted U.S. intelligence agents to the presence of a high-level al Qaeda member, although bin Laden had not been seen there prior to the raid.

Although the death of bin Laden is a dramatic victory in the continuing struggle against terrorism against the United States, the president and other government officials warned that the threat is far from over. The al Qaeda network spans some 40 countries and has carried out numerous attacks without bin Laden’s involvement. Attacks in retaliation for the killing of the al Qaeda leader are being anticipated at U.S. sites such as embassies and military bases.

Bin Laden photo:  AP Photo/Time

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  1. paloma says:

    he got what he deserves

  2. Bethany says:

    I am so glad the bloody death was by American intelligence. How dare he hurt me. Rude. Ya Navy Seals shoot him in the left eye

  3. Bethany says:

    I am sad they hurt him

  4. maddie says:

    wow that is so intresecting alot of info but it is a releaf that he is dead

  5. Mark sanchez says:

    finally he is dead

  6. jj says:

    good he needed to die already!!!!

  7. BLABLABLA says:

    I think killing bin Laden is the best thing that happened to him.

  8. SABRINA says:


    • lala says:


    • Marcos says:

      Martine Luther King, Jr / ‎ I mourn the loss of thousands of poreicus lives, but I will not rejoice in the death of one, not even an enemy. Returning hate for hate multiplies hate, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars. Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.

    • Sujesh says:

      They buried the body out at sea bacsuee the chances of finding the body is remote. I am a chief medical examiner and DNA specialist. There is no way on GODS green earth they pulled a match in the time frame they did it. I do not care what equipment they had or how much man power was used. The computers do all the work and it takes days if not weeks to get results back. They shot a guy, but it was not him. And those ridiculous videos that they showed all over the media! Seriously? Thats new INTEL? They might want to look at youtube, bacsuee those 5 videos were dated back in 2004. And the video of the actor that was watching himself on TV. I got a picture of that guy in my possession and it is not OBL.

  9. lala says:

    wow that is horrible

  10. Madison says:

    I think he got what he deserves and that we are all alot safer now that hes gone! 🙂

  11. Anonymous says:

    rip nobody misses ypu

  12. cruz says:

    R.I.P nobody misses you

  13. nunu says:

    wow life was craziee around that time but he got what he deserved

  14. gabby says:


  15. sb says:

    He caused so many deaths. It’s time he got a taste of his own medicine.
    you know he caused 9/11, right? That thousands of innocent Americans died? He deserved it.

  16. katie says:

    it is a relief that he is dead! i hope that the people that were with him or was part of his troop don’t make another terrorist attack.

    • ????? says:

      Well he did do something wrong but u should not be glad some body died but it was a good thing he died because he cause a huge war

  17. Tasania says:

    Im happy that he is dead

  18. staoci says:

    gooooood he dead cause 2 manny problems

  19. tarah jones says:

    im happy he died 🙂

  20. staoci says:


  21. staci roberts says:

    why did they kill him he was sooooooo sweet

  22. emanistephens says:


  23. raivon says:

    yah he dead

    • desiray says:

      i feel u

    • Bryan says:

      I felt a sense of shock. This search for Bin Laden has been going on for years, even berofe 9/11. So this news that he was killed in a mansion (not in a cave like we all thought) is pretty shocking. I do wonder if there are rules or instructions within Al-Qaeda to retaliate upon his death.

  24. Corey says:

    He was very devilish killed thousands of people with bombs. thank you navy seals!

  25. Corey says:


  26. Corey says:


  27. bum face says:

    he died yes!!!!!!!!!



  29. bum face says:

    he was not sweet bum

  30. desiray says:

    he deserves it everyone hated hin

    • Pandorabox says:

      President Obama did a wonderful job in anikmg this successful! This president is very effective and loves justice. He has made America proud once again. I will vote for him ten times over and over again! Bin laden was the leader of a terrible organization. They killed innocent people all over the world! I am happy about this.

  31. jewel;] says:

    i wish he was anyways

  32. goose says:

    yea every body hated him with all them kids

  33. but face says:

    he dnt deserve a chance he was behinde those attacks!!!!!!!!!!

  34. bro says:


  35. rachel says:


    • Cristobal says:

      I needed to take ohrgnievt to digest this. My first response was YES! My secadond response was What Next? I came away with a deep pride in our Armed Seradvices. My pride in Presadiaddent Obama is someadhow new. Watchading him last night stirred my heart. We are Ameradiadcans! I choose to let the hateadfull stateadments I saw from others(not here)a0go.

  36. rachel says:


  37. joseph says:

    he’s dead

  38. lala says:

    thank g0d he is finally dead:) he deserved even m0re than death t0 all th0se pe0ple he caused much dammage

  39. Sheryl says:

    Finally Obama has some good news for us.

  40. ted says:

    i love him though

  41. adrianna says:

    he got what was comming to him and im glad that he is dead because of the terror he put on this contry

  42. BOB says:

    he deserved it

  43. kyle benton says:

    hahahahaha he sucks

  44. aj says:

    family got killed

  45. aj says:

    🙁 i mean 😀

  46. aj says:

    rip ben laden no you will miss you :):B:( opps i mean B)

  47. FUotorious p5 says:

    Hee Diedd Imm Gladd Theyy Coughtt Hemm Beacse Hee Shoouldentt Havee Didd Whatt Hee Didd !

  48. jayjay3333 says:

    RIP fool no one ever loved you see ya in hall

  49. mz.tata19 says:

    if he wouldnt never do what he did it wouldnt end like this!

    • Isadora says:

      While I am not rejoicing’, as Liz psteod earlier, God’s Word is filled with references to His wiping out enemies which even included women and children. While I don’t necessarily understand that, I do know God is sovereign and why should I feel uncomfortable with the death even an unarmed death- of a man who did not care about killing unarmed women and children? Did he care when he planned 911? Mr. Balyo, please remember this when you say on air that you have a problem with Bin Laden’s being unarmed. Christians and Americans were his target. We should make sure we feeling as sorry for our people here at home who are suffering and doing what we can to take care of them.

  50. skinnyminny..! says:

    osama bin laden deserved to be killed. he really should have been punished. he killed to many people and ii feel that that just aint right to still be on earth knowing how many people you have killed.. you did right united states military

  51. darnel says:

    this was a boring topic :[

  52. MUSLIM ANA PROUD says:


  53. sweetgirl111 says:

    i hate him alot why would he do that

  54. Uncaged says:

    im sad he is dead i wanted to kill him since he ruined MY birthdays

  55. Dzaire says:

    i dont think you should of posted that it was my birthday too

  56. anonymous says:

    that was the best kill story ever!

  57. Alan Berman is actually Ramille Malonzo says:

    I’m Really Glad That Osama Bin Laden Was Shot… I Liek Pie…

  58. Bildo says:

    bin laden sucks BROCCLI!

  59. SONNY says:


  60. somebody says:

    Good thing he is died or it will be worst. O.o

    • Cristhoper says:

      Thank you for this. I think it is all fishy. I need to know the true story. It doesn’t add up why they would immediately dpsoise of his body. One would think that officials would handle the situation similar to the way they handled the one with Sadam Huissein. Someone at work told me that they burred him right away so that no one could morn him. I’ll say this, and I don’t care if it’s disagreeable. No human being has the right to judge weather or not another man’s life deserves to be morned or not. From what I have seen, America has handled this situation like cowards. Can anyone get me out of America? I cannot stand this.Peace~M

  61. Bianca Nasidka says:

    He was an horible person.

  62. Tessa says:

    God Bless America!

  63. shift click place says: