Puerto Rico Statehood Quiz

Question 1
In the recent referendum, what percentage of Puerto Rican voters rejected the island’s current political status?

Question 2
Who won the governorship of Puerto Rico in November 2012?

Question 3
According to the ABC News article, what is one reason why the outcome of the referendum does not clearly support statehood?

Question 4
The majority of Puerto Ricans

Question 5
Which of the following is most likely to happen in light of the Puerto Rican statehood referendum?


  1. Shahbaz says:

    I think the more immediate quesiton is whether or not there is any room to maintain the status quo. For America to remain a territorial/colonial authority in the face of rejection from a majority of those subject to that rule is not acceptable. Puerto Rico is either a state or an independent and sovereign country. It might be argued that a decision of such importance should be made by a super majority but that decision should again be made by Puerto Ricans and should be honored by our federal government. While a simple majority of Puerto Ricans desire statehood an overwhelming majority reject the continuation of the status quo. I will acknowledge that our federal government rather than PR or the 50 present states have the final power to accept or reject a petition for statehood it does not have the moral authority to reject a plea for independence and should not assume any legal authority. This reminds me of a time when we forced territorial status on the indigenous population of Hawaii who rejected the idea. With great magnanimity we followed up with statehood again rejected by the indigenous population but welcomed by the immigrant population now holding control of the economic assets of the islands. Now we withhold or ignore a request for statehood from Puerto Rico. Why? Simple Puerto Rico, apparently has neither the strategic or economic value justifying statehood or we would be forcing the same results there. Should Puerto Rico become a state? Yes, if they reject sovereignty and colonialism.

    • Ashish says:

      I bet I can guess the answer to that qoeitsun!You are right that the status quo in PR continues to be a less and less popular position. The problem is the US really can’t do anything until PR comes to a consensus on its own. Right now, doing nothing angers the fewest number of people.

  2. tomas rivera says:

    all the taxes will go up, up ,up.the truth,!new rules at many levels of govt,city,county,state govt,