Trillion-Dollar Coin Quiz

Question 1
Whose action put an end to the push for the trillion-dollar coin?

Question 2
When a fiat currency is used, what essentially backs the money?

Question 3
When did the United States first establish a limit on federal borrowing?

Question 4
Which constitutional amendment was cited by critics of the “No budget, no pay” proposal offered by Speaker of the House Boehner?

Question 5
How would the minting of a trillion-dollar coin have helped avoid a federal debt-limit crisis?


  1. Alejandro says:

    great article great great great article job well done

  2. Anonymous says:

    I put in all of the correct answers and it said I put in a different answer.

    • Current Events Editor says:

      I’m sorry that the quiz seemed to log and/or score your entries incorrectly. I just tried the quiz and it seemed to work fine. If there was an issue, it appears to have been fixed. Thanks for your interest in HM Current Events and participating through the quiz!