Video Game Addiction?

Videogame players

We tend to throw the word “addiction” around loosely, saying of anything that we do routinely and often that we are “addicted” to it; for example, that “She’s addicted to Facebook,” or “He’s addicted to texting.” Of course, some addictions are quite serious matters with mostly negative consequences not only for the addict but also for those in his or her circle of relationships and for society. Psychologists at Iowa State University recently announced the results of a national study of video game playing among 8 to 18 year olds, and their findings, the first of their kind, are cause for concern: nearly 1 in 10 players are “pathological users,” or video game addicts.

According to the lead researcher, assistant professor of psychology Douglas Gentile, “What we mean by pathological use is that something someone is doingโ€”in this case, playing video gamesโ€”is damaging to their functioning. It’s not simply doing it a lot. It has to harm functioning in multiple ways.” The American Psychiatric Association is considering adding this addiction to its Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), should the scientific evidence warrant its inclusion. The study was based in large part on the close resemblance, in terms of symptoms, of obsessive video game playing to pathological gambling, which is an officially classified disorder.

The American Medical Association sees potential video game addiction as a health issue and has expressed official concern about the well-being of young people whose time spent playing video games is interfering with their ability “to develop friendships, get appropriate outdoor exercise,” or keep up with schoolwork. Overexposure to violence is a further problem related to this behavior, whether we call it an addiction or not.

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  1. lauren says:

    so wht if they like video game!!! leave us kids alone paents

    • Billy says:

      So who cares about videogames? Its bad for your heart and kill you. So why play videogames?

      • Anonymous says:

        they do not kill you

      • Jordan Fast Horse says:

        I know right i don’t even like video games i hate them now.

        • Kassya says:

          Basically my question is what eleemnts/other things does a good mmorpg need to make people want to play it. Like WoW for example it has story and stuff. So basically im just asking for kind of like a list of what a good mmorpg has in it and needs. Thx.

      • yolo says:

        Yes they do kill you cause you cant have any sleep and you give……

      • Mike says:

        Well I mean parents don’t have to buy us some of these games like Grand theft auto or call of duty those gaes are violent yes s if we keep kids out of these games then we will be fine but games like say Minecraft have een linked to mind growth with building ad basic survival skills with out being in %100 percent danger the wilderness holds

    • kyle says:

      yeah well cops blamed shooting video games taught us how to shoot and kill , i have seen some cops shoot and they need to start playing

      • Your Mother says:

        How are Video Games bad for your heart? I HATE Call of duty and shooters, but how are they bad for the heart?

    • not me says:

      video games are good for you

      • Andrii says:

        Odd, I was sure I’d left a comment here.Anyway, I remeebmr seeing these when I was a kid, but never bothered to get them– any money I had which might have gone towards them seemed better spent on more NES games, or Ninja Turtles figures, or other stuff in general.Still, I’m glad to see what I missed out on at the time. Truth be told, I’d like a copy of the Super Mario Bros. one, if only because it has “official” art of Peach in the same colors as the original game, before she went “all pink, all the time.”

      • Fleagle says:


      • Bob says:

        It is a concern.

    • Jhonrei says:

      I agree with this article but I still play but only during the weekend

      • skyler says:

        i play video games and the life in a game is a lot better and more normal then the world we live in now now you go out and get shoot for doing some thing at lest in a game you can stop it

  2. Alexander says:

    Video games are a way to escape the cruel world we are in. But life is not a video game, there is no reset button.

  3. Hanna says:

    lauren spelt parents wrong that’s why are parents are on us about video games… Some people don’t even know how to spell because their brains are turning to mush!!!

  4. Lexie says:

    I agree with Hanna !!! Get out of the house play a sport do something take a break from video games!!

  5. :?????????????????????? says:

    Whatever Hanna I tink Jaosn is right

  6. john says:

    video games lets u escape ur problems and lets u go into your own world

  7. JT says:

    They fail to note that there is a healthy addiction to video games. They can improve motor functions drastically. A good friend of mine was a video game addict, and now he’s a neurosurgeon thanks to it.

    • sedona says:

      jt, that is very wonderful.

    • Alli says:

      i like that one

      • Kikuko says:

        Good blog. I got a lot of good information. I92ve been watihcng this technology for awhile. It92s intriguing how it keeps shifting, yet some of the core components remain the same. Have you seen much change since Google made their latest acquisition in the area?

    • My Magic Unicorn says:

      I do agree,JT. All these comments are based on Gamer’s stereotypes. Not all gamers are like this. I at least play two hours of video games per day and pay attention well in class and have very good grades. Stereotypes are what people should be arguing about, not gaming.

  8. Matti says:

    I like video games, i like them alot. i am 14, i also enjoy long walks in the park!=)

  9. Matti says:

    kid in pic needs braces bad

  10. Alli says:

    i agree go out and play keep busy

    • TP says:

      do sumting else!!! wat if u dont have video games, u can do wumting else anyways tink abt it like tht!

  11. GUITARMASTER says:

    Who cares if video games are bad what if its raining. What do we do then?? But its a good idea to get out and play.

    • Anonymous says:

      im 15 and who cares if its raining! I still have specially designated “play clothes”! Be a kid! Were supposed to get out and get dirty!!This might be just cuz im a country boy to though!?

  12. blake 1999 says:

    how can you even have a addiction on video games wen u get older u want even have time

  13. vicena says:

    I think tha tmost of you kids are right in a way and i agree with hanna and lexi but at the same time you could get out the house after you are done playing video games. video games for a little whiole and then you can go in and play those video games or whatever you want to do

  14. blake 1999 says:

    they say go out n play what if u cant go outside than or got a problem going outside or just dont like going out butttt who ever stay in the house all day n play the game dont have no lives or a girl?or boy friends

  15. Anonymous says:

    get of the game

  16. Jared says:

    My best advice to someone who is addicted is too join a sport team it doesn’t give you time for video games and you kinda forget about them

  17. matt says:

    i mean just leave us alONE! I LOVE KILLING ZOMBIES!

  18. brandon nunley says:

    so video games are so fun

  19. camryn burns says:


    • Jake says:

      So what? They can do whatever they want. If they want to ruining their brains, fine. It doesn’t even happen to everyone, too. So just stop the topic, OK?

  20. g6 says:

    that bad

  21. rstratton36 says:

    Okay, I have to agree about this. I agree on video game addiction because my sister had to get glasses because she sits too close to the the tv and other electronics. Electronics are good, in a lot of ways, but they rot your brain and damage your eyes

  22. mary :) says:

    video games are bad for our brains but it helps me relax after be outside with some rotten kids on my street. Especially playing bicycling

  23. mary :D says:

    video games are bad, but i like playing them to relax.

  24. Mike says:

    Video games are the best thing the world has made. Goodbye. The end. End of story.

    • andre says:


      • Nathi says:

        It’s funny how even today I still think of Videopac games by their numbers. #14 was brinaillt, and then there were #41 and #42, which were so frigging cool they even had larger boxes. And #37, where you could have 2 players chasing the apes (and getting chased by them) while another played around with the horizontal and vertical bars. And #20, which was tremendously fun. And #1, and #2, and Also, it was nice how the graphics were extremely simple (they had to be), but the box covers made the games seem so much more than that. Like #11, where I always assumed the red characters chasing us were normal tax collectors, but the box made it pretty clear they were robots. That’s right, in the future they will send robots after you to make you pay your taxes.

    • Jabaris says:


      • Rgs says:

        The problem with the App store is the race to zero and pircay has practically made it impossible to make a profit or even get back your development costs speaking from the point of view of one of those impoverished developers.Ngmoco are trying something different and something more like the original arcade model and while you may not agree with it because you want to pay upfront the problem is that most people on the App Store don’t want to pay up-front because they’re unsure of the quality or they can pirate it for free or simply because the race to zero has made everything cheap to make.I can tell you it’s not, we’ve invested roughly 150K dollars on the development of our game and that’s an awful lot of copies (around 200K) we would need to sell to even break even priced at 99c.Good games cost a lot of money to make and developers need to have a hope they will make it back otherwise the iPhone App store developers will leave.At least this way you get to play it for free and only have to pay if you enjoy it enough to want to play for longer or get additional content.

      • Thadeu says:

        Ngmoco’s business model is quite smart and is used by seaevrl companies now. If you can find a better business model for making a profit from your efforts making a game please let me know I will use it! If game developers can’t find a way to profit from games why would they make them?It sounds more like you are worried you will get addicted to the game!

    • Keyaan says:

      Perfect awensr! That really gets to the heart of it!

    • alex says:

      so right mary

  25. Brian says:

    i think that video games are over rated by parents and the older generation,sometimes video games are the way us young people entertain ourselves. Video games are our way of relieve stress that is brought on by our hard working at school and home. Adults are jealous because they did not have the new technology that our generation has.

    • Obi says:

      please, don’t say that. They are looking after you. Accept their help im 13 so don’t thin i’m an adult

  26. andre says:

    im addicted to video games and i im smart in 6 grade with all a`s

  27. who shall not be named says:

    so who cares games rule

  28. Levi says:

    haven’t you seen willie Wonka? what about mike tv?

  29. Obi says:

    that;s ridiculous how could people be so addicted to games i play and im not addicted they need a life

  30. qwertyuiop says:

    I like video games

  31. kyle says:

    they tell us to stop playing video games but they cant stop smoking or drinking?? unfair

  32. BRITNEY says:


    • Stephano says:

      You’ve got my attention.

      • Tiago says:

        Should have stuck with Cheetamen as your fave and tripped eervyone out. I like the bloopers, you have possibly the cutest voice ever. We should get married and play River City Ransom all the time

  33. Crey says:

    i for one is very fond of video games. i like to play them to kill time because thats what they praticly do. i do go outside, especially for family activitys but, video games sometimes help us too. i do agree they spoil our brains but, they help us with eye and hand courdination. without that, i couldnt play football. it helps, just dont play the game 24/7 then your in big BIG trouble. i love them i really do, but i dont play them everyday at every time. ๐Ÿ˜€ think smart, think like a rescue hero! LOL

  34. Me says:

    Did u know vidio games helped solve like alzhiemers or something. So playing video games isnt always bad.Hanna this is pointed towards u

  35. alexia says:

    i totally agree

  36. todd says:

    i wish i had friends

  37. Anonymous says:

    idk lol ๐Ÿ™‚

  38. Anonymous says:

    idk lol ๐Ÿ™‚

  39. sjakfhaja:) says:

    video games are mices
    and cats eated them

  40. sjakfhaja:) says:


  41. :P says:

    It all depends. Some games such as pac man are educational or at least not very bad. Still, I play Halo and havn’t had a decline in my grades yet. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  42. penguinator says:

    video games are awesome but if u get out and play for at least half an hour then u wouldnt be addicted right. anyway i love video games and i play and almost get straight a’s so take that hanna

  43. penguinator says:

    video games are awesome but if u get out and play for at least half an hour then u wouldnt be addicted right. anyway i love video games and i play and almost get straight a’s so take that hanna

    • Slim says:

      what is your favorite game you have pylead on ds. Now don’t tell me all the fun games you have pylead or all the best reviewed games just one game and it has to be the number one game you have ever pylead on ds.

  44. yellowkid777 says:

    video games are fun to play

  45. yellowboii says:

    video games are fun to play

    • Stephano says:

      I know so as well, even though I played it.

    • Stephano says:

      He just said that already.

    • Melanie says:

      Yes that is true. All original Xbox games will not have onnlie play because it costs too much to support the servers. Since most players play Xbox360 onnlie.

  46. MasterShadic2 says:

    Quit arguing,all of you.Its a free world.We just need to know how to handle ourselves.Playing video games isn’t bad.Its not being able to regulate your playing that’s bad.

  47. asante samuel says:

    GO!!!!!!Video GAMes there awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. choco taco says:


  49. brice says:

    i dont agee at all i play video games all the time and get all As in school and i wrestle so ha

  50. Anonymous says:

    Yo wazzap people. any one play modern warfare 3?

    • AllTheMoney1 says:

      Ya i do.
      For what system?

    • Genova says:

      Looking through your wbesite a thought occurred if you ask me. I’ll tell a person honestly that today there are actually so many MMORPGs that I are not aware of what is the perfect play. Again and again produced some new game and it’s also hard to figure out what level they will represent. Obviously as a huge fan of these types of games have its favorites, but these are simply old games that happen to be already that you can buy for several years. I would want to try something brand-new. Do you have any ideas?

  51. TheBoss says:

    Hey. Anyone play Modern Warfare 3?

  52. someone says:

    This is so lame and if aneything its 1 out of 15 american.

  53. nickizawesome says:

    i’m not sure that if video games are bad or good but i’m an expert at video games, but i’m so good at video games like pokemon.

  54. Tim Petters says:

    Great thanks for the share of info. Will use this on my new web ๐Ÿ™‚

  55. Ella says:

    I think Hanna is wrong because certin vido games help them do research about molecules

  56. ihascupcake says:

    Guys I play video games every day for 3 hours. But I get A’s in all my classes since kindergarden. So hanna is not right, at least in my opinion

  57. Cody says:


  58. Garrett says:

    Ok, I get that video games are fun way to be someone your NOT. Most people are either the opposite that their charter in video games or someone they want or wish to be. I play video games alot, however I am physically fit and a straight A’s student. That’s because I can get up and study and move around, some people really cant get away from video games. Its like being an alcoholic, you cant tell them they have a video game addiction or say you need help. They have to do it themselves if they are committed. Your just there to support them. People do tend to spend so much time in front of the screen that they start to become an couch potato. Most people who play video games, THINK they don’t fit in or don’t like their lifestyle. It’s not such a bad thing to like video games and play them, they are fun! The thing is its a problem when you put too much time into it. Just remember that you are who you are, just express your self and you will find that some people are actually interested in you. I hope this helps. =D

  59. Garrett says:

    Oh by the way guys, quit picking on Hanna. There are some people who’s brains have been spoiled. My neighbor is brain dead because of video games, and his brother failed school because he didn’t study and do his homework. He dropped out of school and live with his mom playing video games all the time. I’m glad you guys aren’t that way, but some are.

  60. AllTheMoney1 says:

    Ya i have it what system do u have it?

  61. Tabby Kat says:

    I like video games, but if you play bad ones, such as Grand Theft Auto, or Resident Evil, they turn your brain to mush! I totally agree with Garret, if you play them too long, they really affect you. ๐Ÿ™ my poor brother, he played GTA for 30 minutes, and when he stopped, he acted really violent.

  62. Tabby Kat says:

    Yeah, so, my brother and my little sis both had to get glasses because they did video games too much. So sad. Also, my sis is now influenced to follow the violent v.g. and it’s stupid rules. And she is only 8!!! Seriously, people. get outside sometime. I bet all you constant gamers’ skin is totally pale. I for one, go outside like all day. i also try to help my siblings understand that life is not all about gaming. But my older brother is like totally addicted to playing the iPod. he plays it every night for about 4 freaking hours!!!

  63. Stephano says:

    Video game playing is not to be trifled with. Play at least an hour and go outside to be active.

  64. awesome says:

    Me I play video games and adicked to them thats why i’m on the computer and when i’m done i’m going to play cod or video games for all googyggoogy people out ther.

  65. awesome says:

    And thats why i cant spell lol

  66. This is what awesome looks like says:

    you guys are so weird but its ok to argue about something that everyone has a different opinion of!! so stop saying someones wrong or right ok?

  67. This is what cuteness swag looks like says:

    Well i think that you guys are so weird and stop argueing about this ok? THIS IS THE LAST COMMENT OR IL REPORT YOU GUYS!!! ๐Ÿ˜›

    • Bellver says:

      Servers are indeed shtniutg down, but you still can play them, just no online play. Not sure if you still want to download DLC if it would still be available though.

    • Who says:

      well your wrong and please don’t report me because I do think your right about that dude.

  68. skitles a says:

    YEA VIEdo games call of duty blsck ops

  69. stephen R says:

    i like video games like grand theft auto because i get to bang girls whenever i want because women wont except me as it is

    • :) says:

      me toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:):):):)

  70. cbeebe says:

    madden 13 4-ever

  71. Kevin says:

    >kid collapses playing games
    >terrorist says he learned to use sights for his gun from MW2
    >CNN picks up on it

  72. erick says:

    you guys need to calm down if parents say they rasie their kids well then thats no them dont blame this on video games there just made for fun

  73. alyissa says:

    video games are awesome.. cant accept it then you obviously just cant play (:

    • Shinta says:

      Hey Rinry,Great video. I totally agree, auothlgh FYI…sequels do technically include parts beyond part 2. I believe sequel comes from the work sequence, or series, and therefore SMB3 is technically a sequel of SMB. Not a big deal, just a clarification. A video of Top 5 Part 2’s is just as awesome.

  74. john says:

    video games are ok but just take breaks from them hourly.

  75. Tony says:

    Video games teach hand eye coordination

  76. happy says:

    vidoes games are verry aed

    • Shonda says:

      Megaman part 1 does NOT have precise colnrots. Had you played it on NES you would know that. Just sayin’. Otherwise your review is well done and I look forward to more from you, Rinry.

  77. haley says:

    video games are very bad for your eyes. it is also very addicting because once you play a game you get addicted to that game.

  78. Jordan Fast Horse says:

    i like video games but they get boring

  79. Jordan Fast Horse says:

    Video games are really bad for you little kids.

  80. Jordan Fast Horse says:

    i love video games just not vilent ones.

  81. Jordan Fast Horse says:

    I like video games but it is just that people have so many video games and they need to share because it’s not likely to be non healthy and other stuff.

  82. Jordan 45 says:

    I like video games but they get annoying and they can give you DMS it is just so stupid so stop playing video games

  83. Beaminator says:

    I for one am a dancer, and I play video games alot. Hell I’m probably going on America’s Got Talent, so really, this is just stupid. smh

  84. no one says:

    ok so ho cars about life video games rock and it helps pepol with no legs or time limit fobya

  85. Anonymous says:

    LOVE :-):-):-):-)

  86. Grounded says:

    I firmly believe that this addiction of teens is primarily caused by the PARENTS. This so called parents, want to simplify their parenting life would indulge in making their children stay HOME, rather than go outside believing that it will be safer in the house.

  87. ryan says:

    vidoe games can help your eye sight and hand movement do!

  88. Sakura says:

    we love video games, they’re not THAT bad for you unless you are so obsessed that you don’t eat or sleep, or go to the bathroom, obviously. >.>’

  89. Brittany says:

    well playing games can get out of hand to where you dont pay any attention to no one. but its a healthy thing to do, if it wasnt then why was it made and not banned? i play a few games but i dont play nonstop. sports is a really good way to stay active and occupied, games on the other hand keeps you occupied. so play safe everyone. <3

  90. Brittany says:

    who agrees with me?

    • Yes says:

      ME agrees

      • Leonyy says:

        I need a free mmorpg that i can dolnwoad on Windows Me, something that is fantasy type and 3-D sort of like runescape but NOT RUNESCAPE. I like stuff like Dragons and something with lvl’s and it MUST have good graphics, I am really desperate!? PLEASE HELP ME FIND A MMORPG!!! I AM REALLY BORED XD

    • HI says:

      I kinda agree

  91. spongebob says:


  92. video game monster says:

    i love video games!!!

  93. jake says:

    i play games to so why bother

  94. jake says:

    let bigons be bigons
    ok who cares who plays

  95. SniperPro-101 says:

    i like video games

  96. cameron says:

    i meen who doesnt like blackops2
    or a diffrent game

  97. cameron says:

    if you hvent played a video game then try one and then post a comment hanna

  98. NO!!! says:

    I hate video games.

  99. epic ness says:

    games are epic

  100. dfkjdk says:


  101. Granted, although says:

    Listen! While we can agree that being a persuasive speaker is great, but eventually you have to “get something done”.

  102. kristen says:

    I’ve been addicted to video games for about 6 years. I do indeed play to escape reality. I can’t stop and sometimes cancel plans just to keep playing. I hate video games now but can’t stop. They should not be erased completely from the face of the earth though. Something to lower addiction would be nice though. Focus on the people, not the games.

  103. Person says:

    I like a few computer games, but I usually do many other things.

  104. your mom says:

    stop playing these things

  105. david says:

    video games are alright,as long as you take breaks. i think playing a sport or working out is nice thing to do instead

  106. david says:

    but i think it fun playing games

  107. Aaron says:

    no we arent an addict

  108. jadeesha says:


  109. you know you want it says:

    you know you want it with ps3

  110. dude says:

    is everyone looking at this website from school?????

  111. Anonymous says:

    Limits are ok but sometimes us kids have nothing else to do.

  112. gregor the overlander says:

    If kids are addicts to video games why doesn’t the parents stop that.

  113. Kayla says:

    I think kids should play video games just not get so addicted. I play games like minecraft a lot but we should contain the madness over it.

  114. dave says:

    It is okay to play a lot of video games when you are a kid but you should not forget about school [dont make video games your life]

  115. Estella says:

    Pretty section of content. I just stumbled upon your website and in accession capital to assert that I acquire actually enjoyed account your blog posts. Any way I will be subscribing to your feeds and even I achievement you access consistently fast.

  116. Claire says:

    An addiction to video games really isn’t healthy, but I personally play a bit myself and it’s a good stress reliever. As long as you balance video games and real life, it really shouldn’t be a problem.

  117. Sora Chan says:

    I think it’s better for someone to be “addicted” to video games than to drug or other substances. Video games are harmless and are fun. Sure going outside to play sports is good for you but some kids are not good at sports. Don’t put addiction into as if it’s some sort of drug, kids and people enjoy gaming just like someone likes a sport’s team- we don’t say guys are “addicted ” to football do we? no, so let’s keep calm and game on ;-D

  118. Who says:

    Don’t you think they should do one on Minecraft? Because it also is addicting. Because I actually almost got addicted to it!

  119. Who says:

    sorry for writing that twice.

  120. Who says:


  121. joe says:

    no games, play outside

  122. suad says:

    I never play video games. I amuse myself by reading books.(And i don’t read trashy literature.)In my opinion every body who does play video games should be restricted to 2 hours of game time on a Saturday.(Don’t think i’m a teacher. I am a 13 year old girl)I admit i watch a lot of TV.

  123. suad says:

    My mom never lets my 11 year old brother play video games.Not including computer games and game boy. By the way i’ve read all the comments and the spelling is awful.

  124. WoodenTombstone says:

    Video games are a very excellent thing, i mean if we didn’t have them then we wouldn’t have many of the devices we have today. so what if they play it too much, there are alot of games out there that are absolutely wonderful! im sure that maybe one out of the couple people that comment on here ether play a tablet or phone or a NES game as a kid or an adult. they aren’t bad at all, parents are allowed to guide their child for what games they should play and what they should not play. the media decides to make the game industry the scapegoat and blaming them on many terrorist attacks, school attacks, and other events. i myself play many types of games, shooters, puzzle, platform, and none of them are at all bad. but for example: as rock and roll was back then considered bad, older generations didnt like it at all. but think, ITS NOT MADE FOR THOSE PEOPLE. The young generation is always changing with every new trend that comes out, video games are probably the best thing to happen, the creativity that comes out of them is truly remarkable. the violence you see in many of them is not that bad as for say, maybe the stuff youd see if you watched a horror movie.

  125. Anonymous says:


  126. suad says:

    HA! You spelled alcohol wrong. Proof that video games are bad for you.

  127. Big foot says:


  128. Jobe Gonzalez says:

    Video games are fun and they are not bad for your health (except for your eyes from starin’ at the T.V. for so long. -_-)

  129. Jobe Gonzalez says:

    So, XD!!!!!

  130. Evan says:

    I for one simply can’t imagine that playing, shall we say, Angry Birds makes you become mentally retarded.

  131. Big boy says:

    I is with this article but also I’m not cause video games can bee fun:)

  132. Cristhian says:

    I’m agree with this article but I’m still play only when I do not have nothing to do

  133. Jojo says:

    So what if they play games it’s better than be addicted to drugs

  134. Anonymous says:

    i love video games

  135. Jordan says:

    I believe McDougal is a man of truth

  136. Gaff ft says:

    what’s wrong with his teeth

  137. Juli says:

    Mmmm…Games aren’t that addicting.

  138. Juli says:

    Neither is texting….Well maybe texting.

  139. bad company says:

    GAMES are awesome I don’t care what they say

  140. O_O says:

    WOW bad company is not listening. Well I wont be surprised if he gets kicked off of this site or the internet period.

  141. Gamer dude says:

    whuts up people:)

  142. Anonymous says:

    Whuts up people

  143. Unknown says:

    hey people whuts up? B)

  144. Anonymous says:


  145. Juli says:

    ……….. Just seeing how emoticons work ๐Ÿ˜ฎ :p B)
    (re) ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ™‚ Just seeing if they work.

  146. Anonymous says:


  147. anthony says:


  148. Jiggly Worm says:

    I like gears of war 3

  149. Jiggly Worm says:

    Call of duty is sik only Call of Duty Too

  150. Jiggly Worm says:

    I like clash of clans

  151. billy says:

    i am better then abel at clash of lords 2

  152. billy says:

    i am the best at clash of lords 2

  153. @_@(,) says:

    i love gta 5

  154. emily says:

    well i think i would rather have a kid shoot someone on a game then in real life think about it that way.